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4 Food Tricks You Will Love

Posted by on May 26, 2016 in Food | Comments Off on 4 Food Tricks You Will Love

Being a great cook is so much more than just preparing a great meal. In fact, there are so many tips and trick you can use in and around the kitchen that will help you be the greatest. That being said, the number one thing to remember is that all the tiny tips and tricks you pick up along the way will make you an excellent cook and you will be able to use them in all the recipes you prepare. This is precisely why I would like to share with you some basic tips that will certainly make you a lot better in and around the kitchen starting today!

1. Use That Chicken!
I love, love, love preparing a traditional meal. This usually means something with a whole chicken. However, long before I had the experience I have today, I would waste the leftovers and throw them away. (Such a shame, I know!) This is something that would not happen to me today, no way!

This is why I would like you to know that there are so many ways in which you can use the leftovers from that chicken, and you can prepare a new soup, or a salad, or tasty sandwiches, and most importantly you will be able to save some money!
2. Lemon Is The Thing!
Lemon is great to have in your kitchen and it has so many uses that it practically has like superpowers! If you would like to clean your counter, try scrubbing it with some lemon juice! All natural, without chemicals, your counter will shine.

In addition to that, you know how the fruit, especially bananas and apples can turn dark in a cake, well, if you add some lemon juice, they will remain bright and they will not turn dark.

In addition to that, the lemon peel adds great taste to any cake or sponge, you just have to grate some into the dough and voila you will have a great cake!
3. Cake Crumbs
Making cake can in fact be difficult for many people who do not have the sufficient experience, and sometimes even when you have a lot of experience things can go South for no apparent reason.

If your cake is too fragile and is turning into cake crumbs, you can also use that for your advantage! Step one: use the bigger pieces of the sponge in your cake. Step two: cover it in cream. Step three: put bread crumbs into the cream! Not only that it will look decorative, but it will taste great as well and you will get rid of the crumbs in no time!
4. Marinating Meat

If you want to prepare a great barbecue, make sure you marinate your meat the night before and leave it in the fridge. Not only that you will prepare the best meal ever, but you will also make it easier for you to deal with the stress of food preparation the following day.

This is a small tip that can save your weekend, believe me, it happened to me many, many times.

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